O-Town Are the Guys in Rags at the End of the Car, Ogling Your Tits

Girl #1, oblivious to the fact that her boobs are hanging out of her shirt: They were big for, like, three years.
Girl #2: No. Two seconds.
Girl #1: Three years.
Girl #2: Two seconds.
Girl #1: No, O-Town had two hits that were really important.
Girl #2: And where are they now?
Girl #1: Uh…
Random guy: Can you concentrate on more important things, like putting your saggy tits back in your shirt?

–Brooklyn bound Q train

The Penetration Of Wednesday One-Liners

Girl: They looked in and saw intercourse happening. They saw his cock go into my vagina.

–3rd Ave

Guy to friends: I'm not gonna fuck you too hard, I'm gonna use a little lube.

–Spanish Harlem

Dude to other dudes, matter-of-factly: I've been bedding a lot of girls who had fucked-up childhoods.

–7th Ave, Brooklyn

Overheard by: Ladle

Girl crossing street loudly on her cell: The sex would have been better if… (looks up suddenly and stops talking, realizing everyone on the corner is listening)

–25th St & 6th Ave

Overheard by: Leslie B