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…Why, Wanna Give It a Whirl?

Buster Poindexter dude: I hate bad sex. There are all kinds of bad sex. Boring sex… and uncontrollable crying sex.
Girl on fourth date: You've had someone cry uncontrollably on you during sex?
Buster Poindexter dude: Oh, yeah! A ton of times.

–Brandy Library

Overheard by: Adrian

Translation: You're Cute

Girl: Where are you from?
Boy: I'm from Staten Island.
Girl: Oh…
Boy: But I come to Brooklyn and Manhattan a lot.
Girl: Oh, where in Brookyln? I go to school there!

–Upper East Side

Overheard by: Melissa

Manhattan Courtship Rituals Truly Are a Rich Tapestry.

Crazy woman, laughing hysterically, to man with her, while pointing at hobo walking behind: Hey, he's a mangina!
Hobo, picking up pace, following her: You wanna see what a mangina looks like?! I'll show you what mangina looks like!

–Union Square

Something No One Will Ever Say About Natalie Merchant

Farmers market vendor: I just bought both of Christine McVie's solo albums, and they're like… pretty good.
Partner: Really.
Farmers market vendor: Yeah, I know!

–Union Square Farmers Market

Overheard by: Don Willmott

…”Bitch” It Is, Then.

Hipster baristo: What's your name? (takes out pen to write on cup)
Hipster customer: Mi-kay-ell-ay.
Hipster baristo: (stares)
Hipster customer: You're not going to try?
Hipster baristo: No.
Hipster customer: Michelle.
Hipster baristo: Oh.

–Coffee Shop, Metropolitan Avenue

Overheard by: Bruce Lee

Is This What's Known As Hitting the Books?

Lanky guy to dude dressed as Waldo: Hah, I found you!
Waldo guy: I found you.
(waldo guy pummels lanky guy with striped pillow)

–International Pillow Fight, Union Square