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Wait a Minute– I'm 20!

Mother to daughter: I haven't had sex since 1988!
Daughter, without pause or hesitation: Wow! Really, didn't need to know that, mom.
Waiter, walking by: Bwahaha!

–El Ay Si Restaurant, Long Island Coty

The Pope Has an Excellent Alibi

Teacher: Does anyone know what happened at Pentecost?
Kid: Yeah, it's when the Nazis killed the…
Teacher, very quickly: That was actually the Holocaust.

–Confirmation Class, Elmhurst

Twelve-Year-Olds Think They Know Everything

Middle aged lady #1: Who are you talkin about? That boy Michael?
middle aged lady #2 Yeah.
Middle aged lady #1
: He gives his kids liquor?

Middle aged lady #2: Yeah! And you can't say nothin bout it either, cuz if you do (puts her hand up in the air in exasperation) …you wrong!

–2 Train

Overheard by: Veronica

I May Be Too Focused on the Hole

Guy #1: Bagels, they can't last more than two days.
Guy #2: That's one more day than most of my relationships!

–14th St & 6th Ave

Overheard by: Not-Susan

So Not First-Date Appropriate

Drunk white girl coming home from the bar: He pooped?
Drunk Asian girl: Yeah, he pooped… in his pants!
Drunk white girl: Why?
Drunk Asian girl: Because he's a weirdo.

–114th St & Broadway

…To Each Other…For My Pleasure…That's Feminism, Right?

Beatnik dude #1: You know what the those b, d, f, m trains stand for? It's “bondage,” “domination,” “feminism,” “masochism.”
Beatnik dude #2: “Feminism”?
Beatnik dude #1: Yeah, because I imagine it's all women doing it.

–1 Train

So It's, Like, the Internet?

Girl #1: What's Girls?
Girl #2: A terrible tv show on HBO.
Girl #1: Oh, it's bad?
Girl #2: I never saw it, but some of my friends have. They say it's just about a bunch of ugly girls having sex.

–Eugene O'Neill Theater

Overheard by: T

…To Be Blunt

Tall man: Why?
Short woman: Because I want to.
Tall man: Why?
Short woman: Because I want to!
Tall man: Why?
Short woman: Because I want to, and I want a cigarette too!

–5th Ave & 14th St

Overheard by: Don Willmott