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…And End Up in Brookln

Girl #1: God, the 6 train takes so long to come!
Girl #2: I know! Last week the n train took forever because someone tired to commit suicide in front of it.
Girl #1: That's so lame… If i was going to commit suicide, I wouldn't do it on the n train…

–6 Train

Overheard by: lyon

No Man Is an Island, Mate.

Busker, collecting money after singing: Hey, thanks man! Where are you from? China?
Passenger: Australia, mate!
Busker: Australia by way of China?

–6 Train

Overheard by: Emily

XOXO, Bitch

Target employee #1: What's an ox?
Target employee #2: It's a mama dog.

–Target, Atlantic Center

Overheard by: Alison

You Can't Handle the Bronx

Nanny to four-year-old child playing in pretend taxi: So where are you taking me today?
Child: Umm… I don't know yet.
Nanny: Okay, can you take me to the zoo?
Child: Okay, let's go to the Bronx zoo!
Nanny: Okay, let's go to the Central Park zoo instead!


If You Ignore Jersey, It Goes Away

Waiter, walking halfway upstairs and stopping: Boop. Bee dom ba badoo. (notices two girls at a table nearby) Where are you ladies from?
Confused girl: Jersey.
Waiter: Uh-huh. (walks back downstairs)

–Serendipity 3

Overheard by: confused

A Social Metaphor That's Right on the Money

Large black guy selling candy on subway, to yuppie ignoring him: I don't know why you ain't funding this enterprise… We could be out killing you people instead!
(yuppie quickly starts trying to take his wallet out)
Large black guy, walking away
: It's too late! It's too late!

–1 Train