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Bob Thought He Was Drinking at the Library

Girl, hitting on guy with book: "oh, you like to read? What's your name?"
Guy: (mutters inaudibly).
Girl: "is that how you talk to a girl at a bar?" –Sycamore, Brooklyn

United States– Yeah, Right

Tourist father talking to his #6 year old smart son: Well, here we are, welcome to the center of the universe!
Tourist son: Oh please, its not even the center of the united states… –Times Square Overheard by: lady_liberty

Like That He's a Republican?

still drunk on the way to work.
Dude #1: I am so hungover right now.
Dude #2: Me too dude.
Dude #1: Come to think of it, I think I am still drunk.
Dude #2: Me too, this is going to suck.
Dude #1: Know what? Im ready for this shit. I mean im drunk but I feel totally ready for work. I mean, I could do math right now. Give me any math problem and ill do it. Algebra, geometry, doesn't matter. I might be drunk, but I can definitely do math.
Dude #2: I just got the most amazing book ever.
Dude #1: Yeah? What is it?
Dude #2: Its called the truth about chuck norris and its just allll chuck norris jokes. –Manhattan Bound J train, 7:30am

And Don't Even Get Me Started on Peter Pansexual

Dad: "kermit frogs? You mean kermit the frog?"
Little girl: "no…(pause)… Hermit frogs."
Dad: "hermit frogs? I've never heard of them."
Little girl: "yeah! They're both a boy and a girl at the same time!" –LaGuardia International Airport

Nobody Puts Baby Next to the Crackhead.

Crackhead boyfriend on subway, talking to random baby: Baby, how you doin' today? You like bein' a baby? I got a baby right there.
Crackhead girlfriend, completing crossword puzzle: Whas fo' lettas and is the middle of a egg? It can't be "yolk" cuz then it don't work with "wisdom" cause "yolk" don't have a "e" in it.
Crackhead boyfriend, to baby: Baby, she crazy. Crack! It's a beautiful day. –5 train in the Bronx Overheard by: what in the hell just happened?

…Who Are You Raping Lately?

1 coworker behind a partition: I like your new beard.
2nd coworker behind partition: Thanks, I look like a magician who rapes, I'm a rapey magician.
1 coworker: I haven't seen you in a while. –the office building, 50th and 6th Overheard by: pantsy

Partial Credit

Little boy #1: Can I get a what what!?
Little boy #2: What? –116th and Lexington Ave, laundromat

Bitches Got Issues

Woman with puppy to guys on stoop: Next month we're putting her in the dog therapy program at jacobi hospital.
Guy: (taps his head) to make sure she's okay? –Wilkinson Ave Overheard by: francyne