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Siri Says: “I've Found Some Wednesday One-Liners Fairly Close to You.”

Helpful guy to tourist family: You're a mile away from 42nd Street. It's twenty blocks to the south.

–72nd & Broadway

Overheard by: Harriet Vane

Teen girl: Hey, are we still in Manhattan?

–Penn Station

Tourist man on cell: I'm the corner of Al-banee and Green-which… (pause) Al-banee and Green-which.

–Near 9/11 Memorial

Girl on cell in the middle of Central Park: Yeah, where is it? (pause) 47th and 9th? Okay, we can be there soon, we're on 76th and Madison.

–Great Lawn, Central Park

Overheard by: minuterie

Recreational Wednesday One-Liners

College student: I'd never done cocaine, but I was like 'I gotta get out of here!' I mean, I'm from North Carolina, you know.

–46th & 8th Ave

Overheard by: Evan

Suit: As god is my witness on crack!

–Q Train

Overheard by: radkins

Hobo, mumbling to himself: Shit, I just wanna buy weed, it's gonna be legal anyway.

–Amsterdam & 96th

Hobo, to himself: I'll get on the subway as long as I'm stoned and no one touches me.

–23rd & 6th

Overheard by: JS

Some Clothes-Minded Wednesday One-Liners

Gay guy on cell: I think the divorce party was probably unnecessary. (pause) And her stabbing the cake! (pause) No, I don't feel sorry for her having that drink tossed in her face! (pause) You gonna talk about my clothes when you still wear colored contacts?

–St. Mark's Church

Guy to friends: He set himself up for a fall because he had some big shoes to fill. I mean, they were his own shoes, but still…

–37th & 8th

Dad to little girl: No accessorizing until we get on the train.

–Outside Penn Station

Overheard by: jessica

Mother to son: You shouldn't laugh; you've got dog socks on.

–R Train

Overheard by: Puck

Wednesday #2-Liners

Woman on cell: It was just the complete lack of compassion. Lucy was never nice to Lisa. She was never nice to Lola either. She was just a poop–well, she is a poop.

–Fort Greene Park

Overheard by: Morning Glory

Woman on cell: Aw, yay, he pooped a lot!

–Union Square

Overheard by: Alannah Halliday

Guy to another, talking business: I would definitely punt that dude's fucking dog and then make him eat its shit.


Guy on phone: Hold on, I'm picking up poop.

–9th St, Brooklyn