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1.3 Billion Chinese People Can't Be Wrong About These Wednesday One-Liners

20-something suit to another: I'm getting tired of spending every day chasing Asian girls, and every Friday night at Pacha.

–6th Ave & 21st

Bearded guy: The Chinese are taking over everything. Soon it'll be Barnes & Noodles!

–Ollies, 66th St.

Extremely loud teen on cell: I axed mad Asians. I axed Chinese, too! Ain't nobody have turtles, ace! They said come back in the summer!

–6th Ave & W Houston

Drunken white girl to friend: I'm more Korean than you!

–E7th St & 2nd Ave

Overheard by: Lotte

Wednesday One-Liners Are Much Ado About Nuttin'

High school kid: So wait, his balls had asthma?

–Downtown B Train

Man on cell: I know what your life's like now. Out in the world. On tour. You got life by the balls.

–Pommes Frites

Guy in front of bar: I taped this joint to my balls; who wants a toke?

–MacDougal & 8th

20-something classy girl to friend: Well, he was leaning over me, teasing me with his balls… So… I just flicked them! He got so mad!

–Starbucks, Columbus Circle

Overheard by: Tall Mocha Frap