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He's a Good Looking Guy, Too

Teenage daughter: Well, I guess New York's really the only place you'll ever see people that look this strange…
Father: Yeah. Oh, wow, that one over there looks like Lady Gaga!

–W 58th St

When Sufferers Meet Surfers

Young Jewish boy handing out flyers: Are you Jewish?
Couple walking by: No, we're Australian.

–7th Ave & 56th St

Overheard by: Lisa

Get Me a Piece Of Retail

Hobo to hot girl passing by: You are so fine!
Hot girl wearing Abercrombie t-shirt: Uummmmm, thanks.
Hobo: Abercrombie, huh? Where's that college at? That's where I need to be if girls look like you!

–116th St & Frederick Douglas

Overheard by: Brittany

…Make a Wish!

Boy cuddling with girl, pointing up at sky: Look, honey there's a star!
Girl: Oh, that big blinking one? It's so pretty!
Boy: No, honey. That's an airplane.

–Gravesend Bay, Brooklyn

Overheard by: esti

American History's Such a Rich Tapestry

Son on the way to school: Why do we celebrate Columbus day?
Father: We celebrate Columbus day because that's when Columbus discovered America… And the death of Native Americans.

–18th St & 1st Ave

Overheard by: Andrew

Totally Gay

Guy #1: Do you think Ian's gay?
Guy #2: Nah, he likes vag!
Guy #1: So he's a vagetarian?

–A Train

The Coldest Cut Of All

Girl #1: What's a delicatessen?
Girl #2: It's a hipster name for deli.
Girl #1: Huh?
Girl #2: It's what hipsters call a deli.

–Times Square

Overheard by: Waffles

But That's Two-Party Democracy for You

Student #1: I feel like you don't care about the clowns.
Student #2: What about the magicians?
Student #1: They're going to give us bad data!
Student #2: Do you care about the clowns?
Student #1: The magicians are just completely unnecessary!

–Bard High School Early College

Overheard by: Photobooth Monster

Stupid Tight Pants

Teenage boy #1: At what age does your dick stop growing?
Teenage boy #2: Twenty-one.
Teenage boy #1: That's good, cuz my boy said sixteen and that can't be right. My shit's only three inches…
(group of teenage boys laugh)
Teenage boy #1
: I meant five! Five!

–Q Train

Overheard by: Melissa L.