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International Wednesday One-Liners Of Mystery

Lady: So I do everything my friends do. She starting dating a Turkish guy, so so did I. –Hookah Bar, Ave B & 6th St Overheard by: HookahFanatic Teenage girl to another: His name was "ingles," but he didn't know a single word of ingles. That's ironical. –Bryant Park Overheard by: Karishma Gurtu Father to two young sons: There were 1.5 million Manhattan Indians, so only the Dutch could tell you what happened to them. –Outside the Federal Reserve 20-something girl to friend: I think I must be French. It takes me like, five hours to finish a sandwich. –Broadway & 39th St Woman: At least the earrings weren't as expensive as a Chinese daughter. –116th St & 8th Overheard by: Matt & Stacy

Seminal Wednesday One-liners

Hip Hop Guy on cell: I’ll just keep my nuts shaved and everything’ll be fine. –Varick Street Coffee guy on phone: I’m not talking about whacking off, I’m talking about fried chicken! –, Avenue A Overheard by: Dibson Hoffweiler

Wednesday One-Diners

Fashionista: Y'know, it was just one of those restaurants that served bone marrow, because, like, they should be serving bone marrow. –Allen & Delancy Overheard by: wba2101 Jersey mom in purple jumpsuit: Ah, I love this part of New York. In one block you have an Olive Garden and a TGI Friday's. –Times Square Girl: Johnny Rockets my ass! If I wanted to go to the 1960s I'd use a fucking time machine! –8th St & Greene Drunk guy, wisely: No, people who eat on trains can't afford Chipotle! –Uptown A Train 20-something guy to sobbing 20-something girl: It's okay, there's a Burger King right around here. –4th St & Ave B

Wednesday One-Drink-Minimum Liners

Man arguing with woman: I was single and drunk and shit happened. –3rd Ave & 13th St Man to woman: If I wasn't so diabetic I wouldn't have got so drunk. –14th St & Ave A Overheard by: S Enthusiastic 30-something woman: This is a fine time for me to start drinking again! –Blue Bar, Algonquin Hotel Overheard by: Terry Girl to friends: I don't think I'm a whore. It just enhances what you would normally do with less judgment. –Astoria Overheard by: The Princess og Fancy Excited girl: I haven't drunk since the last time we drank! –1st Ave & 7th St Overheard by: Erin