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Wednesday One-Liners Are What She Said

Conductor: Please stop holding my doors open in the back! (pause, no change) Stop pushing open my doors in the back! (pause, no change) Hey, I don't want no more people squeezing through my openings in the back, okay?

–Q Train

Overexcited tourist dad to little girls: Alright, Jade*, blow the bubbles towards Leah*. Yes, towards her, like facing each other, so I can take a picture… When I tell you, okay? Perfect. Okay, now blow each other.

–Liberty Park

Suit: Well, it's not very large by adult standards, but it's big for what it is.


Male office worker: My drawers are getting tight already.


Old woman: Would you like to give a donation to help feed our pussies?

–PETCO, Union Square

Overheard by: Lex

His Mom’s Going to Be Really Disappointed that He Answered

Thug kid #1: What would you rather do, bite a cat’s head off or fuck Mrs. Kopf* in the ass?
Thug kid #2: What the fuck?
Thug kid #1: Pick one.
Thug kid #2: Fuck no!
Thug kid #1: If you don’t pick one they’re gonna let Mike Tyson fuck your mom in the ass.
Thug kid #2: Fuck you fag! You pick one!
Thug kid #1: Nah, I asked you first. I’ll pick after you pick
Thug kid #2: Cat.

–Jamaica Avenue, Queens

Overheard by: Nado

I Like It Better When They Talk About Starbucks

Guy on cell: OK, well, be safe. If you get raped make sure he wears a condom. –Williamsburg Overheard by: Daniel Girl: Don’t let me talk to boys after I take blue pills. –31st & 2nd Girl #1: Sometimes he like to rape my ass.
Girl #2: Ew! Hee hee. –outside The Brooklyn Museum Overheard by: Josh Neufeld Girl #1: Well, she was raped.
Girl #2: I wasn’t really raped. –Vertigo, 26th & 3rd Yuppie chick #1: Sweetie, you’re going to get raped dressed like that.
Yuppie chick #2: No. I have an umbrella. –Delancey & Allen Overheard by: Mitchell Linetti

Wednesday One-Liners Go through the Out Door

Old woman drinking tea: It wasn’t butt sex — he just wanted the remote.

–440 Studios

Overheard by: Jaclyn

Guy on cell: Oh my god, you are so interesting. Someday our bodies will connect like God intended — in anal poundage.


Overheard by: Shea

Woman on cell: So, wait — do we have to, like, hire someone to stand behind him and force it in?

–28th & 8th

Angry black lady to bartender: Excuse me! I asked for Sex on the Beach, and you gave me Butt-Fuck on the Pond!

–Gotham Bar & Grill

Hobo to cute chick: I like it in the tuckus!

–47th & 5th

Overheard by: Casey F.

Chick on cell: I’m just one of those people that needs to have lots of anal sex.

–Barnes and Noble, 17th St

Overheard by: didn’t need to know that

Queer to friend: And yeah, I have typhoid! So I guess I can’t sodomize anybody…

–8th & Broadway

Overheard by: dude, you have typhoid?