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Wednesday One-Liners Know It’s Better to Look Good Than to Feel Good

Girl: I want a Marc Jacobs bag, and I don’t care if it’s made of baby cow! –Outside the Met Overheard by: wants baby cow bag, too Guy, explaining his pants: Yeah, they look gay, but they make my junk look huge. –Midtown Man picking up trash to woman picking up trash: How you gonna make ten dollars an hour and have people making minimum wage looking better than you? –Madison Sq Park Shopaholic: I know! One time I thought there was more to life than that. But then I went back to Bloomingdale’s. –59th & Madison Overheard by: DM Cook Teenage girl on phone: So where are you?…So,what happened?…Not to your shoe! In the hospital! –Central Park Overheard by: concerned trespasser Cougar-in-Training, looking at non-trendy partygoers: Clearly they don’t belong here. –Rooftop party, the SoHo House

You Sure It Wasn’t a Roach?

Girl #1: Dreadlocks are so dirty. How do you wash them?
Girl #2: My friend told me about this guy she knew whose dreads were so dirty that one day he found a scorpion in them.
Girl #3: Are you sure it wasn’t just lice?
Girl #2: No, it was a scorpion.
Girl #4: Well, wait, where was he from?
Girls #1, #3, and #4, together: Jamaica? –41st & Madison Overheard by: Scorpions are creepy

I Kinda Lost the Thread Here

Bimbette: He’s so hot. And his chin is so sharp it could cut steel. No, wait, what’s stronger than steel?
Friend: Diamonds?
Bimbette: Yes! Diamonds! Only diamonds can cut diamonds!
Friend: Well, yeah, but lasers can cut diamonds, too.
Bimbette: Shit. –Fordham University, Rose Hill