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Not Everything, Mr. Foer. Not Everything.

Girl: I’m looking for a name of book that has the word “eliminate” in it.
Store guy: Okay. Let me see. Hmm…It doesn’t look like anything came up in the search.
Girl: I know that’s the word! I know it is. I really need this book!
Store guy: Okay. I’ll try and search again.
Girl: It’s “eliminate” with an I, not an E.
Store guy: Oh, you mean illuminate? –Barnes & Noble, 82nd & Broadway Overheard by: christina rusnak

Where the Meth Comes Sweepin’ Down the Plain

Bimbette: Not a lot of people do meth anymore. It’s like one in ten million.
Guy: What?! It’s like the crack of the Midwest. Everyone does it.
Bimbette: No, it only seems like that because they’re all in one state.
Guy: Which one?
Bimbette: Oklahoma.

–Brooklyn Tech

Overheard by: Is Kathy Ireland, the designer, one of them?

And Leprosy?

Hungover girl #1: You and Kevin* seemed to be having a good time last night.
Hungover girl #2: Yeah, it was weird, though… I think one of his teeth fell out while we were making out.
Hungover girl #1: … He has a tongue ring, you idiot.

–Columbia campus