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Everybody Needs a Wednesday One-Liner for a Pillow

Little kid: We're going to the city to get mommy titties!

–LIRR Train

Punk chick: This thing needs bazooms. I'm a punker chick with itty bitties.

–Midtown Office

Girl to female friend: Hey, did you know today is the three-year anniversary of my boobs?

–Union Square

Crazy lady trying to exchange a shirt: I can't go to work with my tits hanging out!

–Abercrombie & Fitch

Overheard by: me neither.

Chick on cell: In his defense, I forget about breasts, too.

–Columbia University

Overheard by: Wild Dog Boy

Trans Day at Shea

Drunk guy #1: Alright, just saying, if all of us and our friends were chicks, who would get a boob job?
Drunk guy #2: Oh, definitely Mike*. You know, I would definitely say him. He's pretty vain.
(two innings and many beers later)
Drunk guy #1
: Alright, if we all were chicks, who'd be clean shaven?

Drunk guy #3: It'd be Steve*. I mean, he already manscapes!

–Shea Stadium

Overheard by: Number 6

Headline by: stephie

· “Alright, If We All Were Chicks, What Base Would You Go to With Me?” – Rosie
· “And Which One Would Go Lesbian With Me?” – Meredith
· “And to Answer Your Next Question, Frank Already Does Anal So…..” – I’d shave too.
· “How We Ended Up Giving One Another Head, But Not in a Gay Way” – Rionn Fears Malechem
· “Then Raise Your Beers and Answer Me This, “Who Would Swallow?”” – Bobo D Clown

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Big, Natural Wednesday One-Liners

Girl: It’s like, ‘Hey, you’re a nice guy and I’ve got boobs… So let’s do something about this.’

–33rd & 7th

Dude: You would want to blow up the world, too, if your mother gave you a wolf titty to suck on.

–1 train

Metrosexual: I like boobs better than titties.

–Stuyvesant Town

Overheard by: Argopelter

B&T teen: I don’t know what you want me to do about my chest. I’m 17 years old! You want me to get implants? Would that make you happy, Mom?

–Dressing room, Macy’s, Herald Square

Woman on phone in cubicle: I borrowed that money to pay for my boob job. If they want to repossess them, they know where to find them.

–Office, Woolworth Building

Overheard by: Big Larry

Student: Why can’t I grab your boob in a totally care-free way?

–Lang cafeteria

I See Your Points

Chick: Is that Broadway? I think it is. I can’t see.
Burly guy: Yeah. Didn’t you put your contacts in?
Chick: No. I haven’t bought new ones yet.
Burly guy: Jesus, Jen! You’ll buy boobs but you won’t buy contacts?
Chick: What’s more important: contacts or boobs?

–Union Square

Overheard by: Erica