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Wednesday One-Liners Send Mixed Signals

Man: But they’ll talk to us! That’s the problem with calling people — they talk to you! –Union Square Park Chick: For one thing, this guy sounds totally sick and perverted; and, for another, what’s his number? –Party, 140th & Broadway Overheard by: Mr. P. Girl on cell: He was like, ‘Thanks for doing that in a text,’ and I was like, ‘Thanks for saying that in an IM.’ –Park Ave & Union Square North Collegiate on cell: Dude, why the hell are you calling me? I told you, just use MySpace. –Park Ave South & 19th St Queer looking at ringing cell: Shit! [Answers phone in pleasant voice] Hi, Andrew! –11th St & University Overheard by: Colleen

The Sure Cure for Imaginary Problems

Hipster teenage girl: Yeah, trust me you'd know if you'd seen me disgruntled.
Hipster teenage boy: I haven't?
Hipster teenage girl: Nope. Well…talking online, maybe.
Hipster teenage boy: Oh, you're always disgruntled online. You always have some huge, massive crisis.
Hipster teenage girl: Oh yeah, once I was really pissed off at you. I scream a lot when I'm disgruntled.
Hipster teenage boy: At me?
Hipster teenage girl: No, just in general. At my room mostly.
(long pause)
Hipster teenage girl: I'm bored. Let's go to my house and do some lines! –Park Slope

Me: OMG! WTF? Him: Buh-Bye.

Chick: Do you know how I finally realized I was over him?
Friend: How?
Chick: In the past five years this was the first time I didn’t print out our AIM conversation.
Friend: Wow, that’s great. –Barnes & Noble Overheard by: Trace