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If They Were Designer Genital Warts, I’d Reconsider…

Chick #1: What’s wrong, sweetie?
Chick #2: Well, for the past few weeks I’ve had… [lowers voice] genital warts.
Chick #1: Oh my god, sweetie. I’m so sorry. [Goes to hug friend, then stops] Oh, wait. We probably shouldn’t touch. –Knockoff purse stall, Chinatown Overheard by: Kelly Headline by: Mike Chmiel Runners-Up: · “Don’t worry – circle, circle, dot, dot takes care of everything” – Melissa · “I probably shouldn’t be sleeping with your boyfriend either.” – Rachel · “Or we could just not hug with our vaginas” – Matt · “We also should avoid rubbing our genitals on the same doorknob” – Mdan
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Slave Labor Doesn’t Hurt the Bottom Line, Either

Drunk black girl: I get mad cheap shit in Chinatown. You can get shit for like ten cents. China knows what’s up.
Drunk black guy: Shit. But they are communist and shit.
Drunk black girl: Yeah, but the U.S. is a bunch of idiots. They’re like, "We are gonna make shit fuckin’ expensive," and China is like, "FUUUCK YOUUU. We are gonna sell shit for like one dollar, and all you stupid white bitches gonna buy it up. Fuuuck youuu." –N train, 28th St