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Wednesday One-Liners Sharpen Their Shanks

Thugette on cell: Yeah, I’m planning on getting arrested this weekend. That’s my new thing now. Instead of going to the club and shit, I’m just going to get arrested.

–34th & 8th

Overheard by: Clitoris Rex

Metrosexual: Oh my god! Did you hear that Paris Hilton just escaped from prison?

–Broadway & Prince

Mom eating fried chicken: I always thought Penn Station stop was named after a penitentiary…

–A train

Overheard by: Denning

Mocking cop to dude he just arrested: You’ve got jail!

–West Village

Wednesday One-Liners Take Up Hobbies

Middle-aged woman: I really never cared for skiing, but I was so alone in my marriage, I found it was a great way to meet men. –Burritoville, 77th & 2nd Meathead #1, to meathead #2: Hey! Want to go to a ballroom club? –47th & Madison Guy, to passersby: Game of chess? Play chess? Chess?…Also got chronic. –Washington Square Park Overheard by: Phil

You Aren’t Being Served

Arts Club guy: Hello, young woman! How may I help you?
Shaved head woman: Uh…can we get some drinks?
Arts Club guy: This is a private club. We’re closed.
Shaved head woman: Well, I am a member.
Arts Club guy: If you were a member, you would know that we were closed. –National Arts Club, Gramercy Park South Overheard by: Olivia + Will Halman

Wednesday One-liners Are Ass

Man: You know what I love? Farting in supermarkets. –Broadway & 87th Overheard by: alice townes Woman on cell: Went to the club last night, goin’ to the club tonight, tomorrow sit on my ass: D-V-D! –Eldridge & Stanton Queer on cell: I mean, he left bruises and scratches all over my ass! I could barely sit down on the subway this morning! I’m telling you, if something happens to me today, the ER people are gonna think I’ve been beaten. –23rd St between 6th and 7th

Teaching the Indie Kids to Overhear Again

Indie guy: There are so many people here I know from MySpace, but none of them will look me in the face. –Knitting Factory, Leonard Street Guy: God, why is there always something with this place? Who are all of these lame yuppies here?
Girl: Who the fuck knows? But man, I swear, until White people learn how to dance, I am sooo boycotting shows at the Knitting Factory… –Knitting Factory, Leonard Street Overheard by: astralgirl01