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Wednesday White-Liners

Girl on cell: You raised me around drug addicts, and now they’re the only people I like… I don’t do drugs, I’m just drawn to the addicts! –28th & Park Guy: If you rub the gerbil in Vaseline and then dip it in cocaine, it just slips right up there. –The Village Chick: That’s what happens when you sniff baking powder — anyone would be shaking… –LIRR Overheard by: tanechka Girl on cell: I know! I really need to stop calling my mom when I’m on coke. –Waverly & Broadway Overheard by: Spends 40K To Hear This Shit Security guard to another: Just keep your eyes peeled, man… That’s the third crack pipe we’ve had in here in two years. –ABC Carpet & Home store, 18th & Broadway Overheard by: Shadey Chick: Well, I was supposed to be a part-time barista, but I was actually a full-time coke-head. –Sullivan St, Soho Man to entire train: It’s hard to tolerate you, because you would have been nothing but a drug dealer in the ’80s! –6 train Overheard by: xan

Oh, Cry Me a River

Girl #1: He used to hang out at Bungalow 8 and do coke with Joaquin Phoenix all the time.
Guy #1: That’s so cool!
Girl #2: How can Joaquin Phoenix do coke? He’s a vegan!
Girl #1: Vegans can’t do coke?
Girl #2: Well, being vegan is supposedly to be all…conscious and stuff.
Guy #2: Does he think they make coke with meat? –Williamsburg Overheard by: ~dana

Wednesday One-Liners Are My Anti-Drug

Hot black girl: Where did summer go? Now we're all back to wearing glasses and snorting Adderall… or taking it with water. –24th St & 3rd Ave Guy to friend: If I just gave up speed I'd totally be getting more ass. –Bleecker & LaGuardia Overheard by: Jack Guy to another: Yeah, so you take a gram of coke, then mix it with a ground-up Xanax, then mash up an E. Then you put it all into pill form, and down it with a Sparks! –N Train Architecture professor: Everything in moderation… except for heroin. Heroin, you go for the gusto. –Pratt Institute Overheard by: Denali

Wednesday One-Liners and the Utterly Unsatisfying Conclusion

Guy, in chinese: Do you think I'm Harry Potter? –Vivi Bubble Tea Bar Girl on cell outside art bar: And I was like "Dumbledore, try some jeans." –8th Ave & Horatio St Overheard by: Jean Ann Cute girl graduating to friend: I hate gowns… How does Harry Potter stand it? –Columbia University Business School Graduation Overheard by: Jen Guy, after watching new Harry Potter movie: Man… that's it? That was a lap dance! –42nd Street Movie Theater Crazy woman wrapped in shawls: I'd kidnap and fuck Harry Potter for an eight ball of coke. (to onlooker) Why aren't you at work? –Brooklyn Theater Overheard by: JesseJack (I've got a Job)