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I’d Rather Date Her

Boyfriend holding up slutty top: What about this one?
Girlfriend: If you were a girl you’d be the biggest skank in New York. –Charlotte Russe, Manhattan Mall, 33rd & 6th Headline by: Scott Runners-Up: · “And knock the Statue of Liberty right off that pedestal.” – LORI · “But at least it flatters my man-boobs” – Andrew · “I learned from the best” – Breanne S. · “Putting the “Ho” back in “Homeboy”” – cinekat · “What She Doesn’t Know Won’t Hurt Her” – Alison R.
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The Lightbulb Moment That Would Change Peter's Life Forever

20-something chick: I still think the dog toy looks like a butt plug.
20-something guy: If there is such a thing.
20-something chick, with shocked face: Are you serious? Yes, there are butt plugs.
20-something guy: For what?
20-something chick: For people.
20-something guy: For *what*?
20-something chick: Nevermind.
20-something guy: No! Tell me! For *what*? –Dallas BBQ, Chelsea Overheard by: Saaaandwich?

Wednesday One-Liners Find Their Niche

Ten-year-old wannabe thug: I'ma put this can of pepper spray up your ass! You want me to put this up your ass?! –Old Navy, Harlem Worried bearded 50-something: Yeah, but how are we going to film an anal birth!? –F Train Street vendor selling his wares: I will shove your foot up the devil's ass! –St Mark's Place Yankee stadium employee yelling to another: Hey, wouldja bend over for a minute? I'll be right back! –Yankee Stadium Overheard by: torrie Gay teen: His hole was as big as a traffic cone! –1st & 14th Sinfully ugly girl: I have to stop putting things in my ass. –forever 21 (queens center mall) Overheard by: defragment my harddrive