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Wednesday-One-Liners Head to Pound Town

Drinking college co-ed: It was like, my brain shut off, and my genitals went ‘woo-hoo!’ –60th & Amsterdam Guy on cell: Sorry, I couldn’t make it. I was tied up. Hopefully, next time it’ll be you. –116th & Broadway Gay black man to black woman: Girl, I know the perfect guy for you. He will beast fuck you. He will fuck you like a white girl. –Greenwich & 7th Ave Overheard by: Artie Black guy: I’ll do the wheelbarrow on the first date, I don’t give a fuck! –Downtown 6 train Overheard by: biz Girl in bathroom stall: How many guys can I sleep with in a week and not be a slut? –Soundz Lounge, Lasalle St & Broadway Girl: I wondered why you kept talking about pony play! –Elevator, 168th St & Broadway Overheard by: Peter Pecker Well-dressed man on cellphone: He must have had a dildo in his pants, and she grabbed onto that. It’s the only way they could have worked it. –La Giancoma, second intermission, Metropolitan Opera Overheard by: Schroeder

Wednesday One-Liners Have the City's Shittiest Job

Comedy club promoter: Comedy club, comedy club. Laugh until you get violent diarrhea! –Times Square Overheard by: Patrick Comedy promoter to girl walking by: Hey, you like comedy? (girl ignores him) Yeah, you the strong, silent type… I like that in a woman. –48th & Broadway Overheard by: MsPrint Comedy show ticket salesman on sidewalk: Comedy show! Free vibrators! New batteries! –Times Square Guy promoting comedy club to couple holding hands: Hey, what are you two doing tonight? …besides each other? –Times Square Comedy promoter: Want to see a comedy show? We've got free marijuana downstairs. –W 43rd St & 9th Ave Overheard by: Daniel