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That's Really More Of a Palin Stereotype.

Teacher #1: So I was talking to people in the admissions office, and they were talking about the answers to the question “Who is your favorite fictional character?” (pause) Hillary Clinton? Real. Gandhi? Also real. And Mulan?! I'd reject anyone who said Mulan.
Teacher #2: Maybe they meant Hillary in the sense of how she's depicted.
Teacher #1: That's stupid. –City Center Overheard by: Kyle

Still Think Children Are Precious?

Four-year-old girl: You know, sometimes I fart from my pagina.
Seven-year-old boy: That's impossible, you cannot fart from your pagina.
Four-year-old girl: Yes, I really fart from my pagina, and I do it all the time.
Seven-year-old boy: How do you know it's from your pagina and not your butt?
Four-year-old girl: I know what comes from my butt and what comes from my pagina. My pagina feels like a button.
Seven-year-old boy: I don't care. You do not fart from your pagina.
Four-year-old girl: Yes, I do, and Cinderella does, too.
Seven-year-old boy: Just stop talking to me. –Rosa Mexicana, 61st & Columbus Overheard by: Ariella

Wednesday Fa La La La Liners

Nerdy middle aged white woman to postal clerk: Yes, I'd like just one sheet of the Disney, and one of the Kwanzaa. –Cathedral Station Post Office Overheard by: Emily B. Woman yelling down a stairwell: Happy holidays to you, ma'am! Hope you choke on a candy cane! –Central Park South Overheard by: Daisy Mae Girl: One morning, I woke up and I thought it was Christmas. Then I went outside and I realized it's not Christmas! –57th & Columbus Overheard by: Have a holly jolly Columbus Day? Irish tourist woman: You went to Macy's? Did you see outside? They have black Santas here. –Brendan's Bar Overheard by: Danny Old guy scanning tickets, singing quietly to self after each bar code beep: Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way… –Madison Square Garden Overheard by: Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh! Conductor on speaker: Ladies and gentlemen, we will be arriving shortly. In case you haven't finished your Christmas shopping, feel free to stop by the Metro North booth. You could buy a 10-trip for the kids, a weekly for the wife, or a one-way for the in-laws. Merry Christmas. –Metro North Overheard by: Christmas Spirit