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Wednesday One-Liners Wear Taped Glasses

Guy to cooks: So, do you guys just sit around all night making up medieval names for each other?

–Pizza shop, 2nd Ave & St. Mark’s Pl

Overheard by: mangledorf

Nerd on cell: I waited five years to get a girlfriend, and I finally got one and I just couldn’t take it!

–Dunkin’ Donuts, 14th St

Overheard by: Jo

Chick on cell: Whoa, did I just refer to Voldemort in a romantic context? What is happening to me?


Overheard by: Ladle

Dork: Wow, 200 points of magic! Well, that would truly be a day of sorcery.


NYU student: So, Yoda is more masculine than Sophocles?


Overheard by: waphle

I Would Date That Rock

Comic geek: Talking kryptonite?! That was the worst thing ever!
Cute employee: Oh, yeah?
Comic geek: Yeah! A couple years ago they did a story that was narrated by Arkham Asylum. I mean, that made sense. Fuckin’ Arkham! But talking kryptonite? What the fuck is that?
Other employee: Maybe it wasn’t kryptonite. Maybe it was just a rock with green paint and low self-esteem.

–Midtown Comics, Grand Central

That, Plus the Lab Test

Nerdy chick picking dirt off shoe with fingernail: I wonder how I got all this mud on my shoe…
Nerdy boyfriend: That’s not mud; that’s dog shit.
Nerdy chick, horrified: How do you know?!
Nerdy boyfriend: I saw you step in it on our way over here.

–Great Lawn, Central Park

Overheard by: Big Larry