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In the Name Of the Father, the Son, and the Wednesday One-Liner

Husband pushing carriage to wife: You're lucky I'm on my way to church right now, or I'd kill you. –Upper West Side Chick on cell: But the real question is, is he Catholic? And an insomniac? –113th & Broadway Overheard by: Poogins Sequined Australian drag queen: Well, I know an Antichrist religion when I see it. –2nd St & 2nd Ave Overheard by: Alisha Girl on phone: He told me he was raped by a Catholic priest when he was little, but like I don't believe him. –Butler Library, Columbia University Train conductor: 110th Street, Cathedral Parkway. There are churches here, you know. –1 Train Man to woman, after getting off cell phone: Ah, that was Nancy–booty call. She says I gotta get over there before she's got to go to church. –Q Train Overheard by: spygirl

Christian Siriano: “Wednesday Is a Hot One-Liner Mess”

Disco-glam drag queen: It was! It was baby oil, and I knew it! –Rubulad, Bed-Stuy Overheard by: Katie Black drag queen in kimono: I'm a corn pone Southern faggot, we do not do yoga. –Tribeca Overheard by: Ryan K Hysterical Latina transvestite: My life is in my ass, mijo! –2 Train Overheard by: Jean Drag queen hooker to older lady staring at her: You so wish you could wear a onesie like me. –MTA

Who Wears the Pants in Your Wednesday One-Liners?

Older man: If you drank a thousand gallons of beer, and then took off your pants… –79th & West End Girl to guy with beavers on pants: Excuse me, are those beavers on your pants? –6 Train 20-something preppy girl on cell: Whenever I'm cheating on my boyfriend, I take off my pants and pretend to be an albino bunny. –Central Park Overheard by: that one girl Guy on cell: If I don't get in her pants tonight, I'm gonna fuck you up! –1st Ave Aging drag queen to friend: It's much better than sick obsessions with blond males between the ages of 18 and 25 who always take their pants off to play GameCube. –The Village Overheard by: Amused NYU Tischie

Are You Washed in the Wednesday One-Liners Of Jesus?

Teenage girl: My mom is always reminding me to lock my door because you got to worry about the bloods and the clots. –Uptown 2 Train Emo chick: So he goes to this party and he does it with this old guy. He pretty much went home with a bloody butthole. –Roseland Ballroom Overheard by: charlotte Suit on cell: Never in my life have I seen that much blood in the trunk of a car. –82nd & 3rd Overheard by: Karyn Small Asian girl to large drag queen: So then he, like, bit off his tongue and nearly bled to death. (long pause) Or maybe I was just high. –Elevator, Brooklyn