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The Definition of Pollution

Drunk Girl: Ha ha, I’m talking so loud. I’m making such ear pollution.
Drunk Guy: Nooo, it’s called noise pollution…
Drunk Girl: But like, what is noise pollution?
Drunk Guy: I dunno…I think it’s like when you’re vulgar, so I try not to curse all the time. That way, when I say like “oh fuck” everyone will be all like “Whoaaaaaa.” –NYU Dorm Elevator Overheard by: Stephanie

By Any Other Name

A drunk guy picks up an abandoned bouquet of roses. Lush: 74. 1980. 84. Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan. George Bush. Bill Clinton. These roses should go to a sweetheart. I have no sweetheart. Not now. But they’ll get to a sweetheart. They’ve been neglected. Put them in some water, they’ll come back to life. New York is something else, right? –D Train