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Wednesdays Make You Want to Have One-Liners of Your Own

Little white boy to frustrated black nanny who is trying to hail a cab: My daddy always gets a taxi! –Houston & Broadway Overheard by: Dan Little boy: This place is like a dead zoo. –American Museum of Natural History Four-year-old boy: Yo, this sofa is mad comfy! –Used Furniture Store, Staten Island Four-year-old boy: That’s enough, I’m calling Interpol! –A Train Overheard by: Swarles Little girl to mom after terrible Skyride attraction: Mommy, can we never do this again?
(random guy behind her starts laughing) Stop it! Stop laughing at me! –Empire State Building Overheard by: Claire Eight-year-old boy: This museum is inappropriate. –The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Greek & Roman Sculpture Wing Overheard by: Taylor

Wednesday One-Liners Break the Curve

Asian girl to friend: You know her! She’s the Asian girl — you know, the one with the eyes! –Empire State Building Overheard by: Chuckles Little boy about Japanese man: Mom, how come that man is closing his eyes all the time?! –Liberty St Overheard by: galgal Emo Asian boy: You can recover from drug or alcohol addictions, but there is no cure for Asianism. –Weinstein Dining Hall, NYU Drunk Asian man: Did you see that mosaic? It’s all wrong. The Asians were all one shade of yellow. What kind of art work is that? Look at me and my people — we’re multiple shades! –R train 20-something woman: Being an Asian and being a tranny aren’t the same thing. –Dallas BBQ, Chelsea Overheard by: Ladle

The Unbearable Lightness Of Wednesday One-Liners

Rastafarian man to white basketball female player with dreads: Hey! Why you white people always trying to look like me! –Union Square Black guy selling Empire State Building tickets: You're from Scotland? I love the Scots… They're puuuuuuurrreee white! –Outside Empire State Building Black woman to another, about frat guys nearby: Man, white people are so loud. –109th & Amsterdam Overheard by: Becks Black hobo to white teen: Get out of this neighborhood with your white crotch! You don't belong here! –Upper West Side Black woman to cops walking away: But I'm a Caucasian! –Bed-Stuy