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“That'sa Spicy Wednesday One-Liner!”

Drunk guy, matter-of-factly: Everyone comes in here and thinks they're smelling pot, when really they're just smelling Italians. –Hammerstein Ballroom Men's Room Young girl on cell: Well, I mean, I have eaten macaroni. Does that count as Italian? –Grand Central Overheard by: Kayla Monetta Man on cell: And this guy smelled like shit! (pause) Yeah, I told him, "you smell like Italian." –E 10th & 3rd Ave Overheard by: molina1230 Loud bridesmaid at Guido wedding: I'm Sicilian from the waist up, American from the waist down. –Brooklyn Botanic Garden College guy to friend: From the minute they got here, they started eating. Italian feasts are pornography. Italian food is illicit sex to the puritans. Everything the puritans eat is bland and brown. –Brooklyn College Middle-aged, pot-bellied guy with a long pony-tail, stopping young woman on the street: Excuse me, but I just want to say, once you've had Italian food, you're not hungry for anything else. I just ate a calzone and now I'm going to go home and just go to sleep! –8th St & Broadway Overheard by: Not hungry either

Spicy Szechwan Wednesday-One-Liners

Man: If you wanna have lunch, you’ve got to have lunch here, whether it’s Chinese or Subway. –Canal St Overheard by: Aahlixx Little boy: Does all Chinese food come from Chinatown? –Williamsburg Woman: It’s like listening to an Arab speaking Spanish talking about the Chinese. –W Train Overheard by: Bluto Tourist: The Chinese are notorious for blurring the line between pet and soup. –Chinatown Queen picking up delivery: Damn, I hate dealing with these Chinese people, they never be understanding English good! –Fordham dorms, Lincoln Center Overheard by: I don’t understand you either Ghetto guy: Sushi is real Chinese food. –23rd St & 8th Ave Overheard by: John Wu Hipster Chinese girl on cell: Americans have too much freedom. Yes, too much freedom. –52nd & Madison