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I Know a Place Where They Fix That, Too

Euro hipster #1: I got the soles of my shoes fixed.
Euro hipster #2: Your what?
Euro hipster #1 #1: You know, the soles of my shoes. The bottoms.
Euro hipster #2: I do not know this word.
Euro hipster #1: You know, S-O-U-L.
Euro hipster #2: Ah, like ass-soul? –New York Sports Club, Astoria Overheard by: Lizzy Vegas

That Makes It OK How?

Swedish chick #1: So don’t Chinese people eat, like, cats and dogs?
Chinese manicurist: Ah, no. Ah, yes, but just little bit.
Swedish chick #2: That’s okay. In Sweden we eat fish that has been sitting in salt juices for a year. –Nail salon, 2nd Avenue between St. Mark’s & 7th