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Wednesday One-Liners Are All About the Benjamins

Fashionista: I’m not ready for a rich man.

–East Village Woman: Yeah, he’s got money. Like, when Michael Jackson tried to buy the Elephant Man? That kind of money. Giraffe money! –Uptown 6 train 3-Year-Old: My daddy makes a lot of money so my mommy and me can live the life we want to live. –Playground, DUMBO Overheard by: grimrosary Salesperson: Yeah, so he was like, “That’s what it means to be rich. I can buy whatever makes me and my fiancé happy. I can buy her all the Harry Potter memorabilia that she wants.” –Paragon Sports, 18th & Broadway Overheard by: LSB Wall-Street-Intern chick: So, if the weather is bad here in the Hamptons I may just fly to California or South Beach for the weekend. Hopefully nobody at work will need me because I may have to get a flight on Friday morning. You know, I have to do what’s fiscally feasible for me…and by “me”, I mean my parents. –D train Overheard by: I hope she reads this, and then dies… Male customer to deli worker: Do you know where can I get a fake Rolex with counterfeit money? –19th & 6th Overheard by: Hobo Hank Little girl, talking for a teddy bear with a stocking over its head, to another teddy bear: Give me all your money! –Goodwill

U-G-L-Y. You Ain’t Got No Alibi. You Ugly! Hey, Hey, You Ugly! Go, Wednesday One-Liners!

Girl on cell: I was like, “Back up, bitch. Get off your high horse and don’t ever talk to me again.” Such a bitch. And the thing is, she’s not even cute. Like, she has no right! She’s a fucking bitch, and she’s ugly! It’s one thing to be a bitch, but to be one when you’re ugly? You just don’t do that. –19th & Broadway Aspiring fashionista: I don’t know what I’d do if I had a kid and it was ugly. I’d probably die of embarassment or something. Maybe I should adopt. Can you, like, ask the adoption people to give you a good-looking child or something? –SoHo Flight attendant: We will be dimming the cabin lighting, as it greatly improves the attractiveness of your in-flight crew. –JetBlue flight, JFK Overheard by: Josh Barro Father, to kids: Good job, guys! So [the doctor] says you’re ugly, but healthy. –Pediatrics office, Tribeca Buff girl on cell: Yeah, well, she accused me of being mean. She insulted this new dress I was wearing at the party and was all like, “Ew that is so ugly,” which was kinda bitchy, don’t you think? So I told her, “That’s because it would look like shit on you.”…Whatever. It’s true. –NYSC, Whitestone Overheard by: Karen

They Can’t Possibly Squeeze Any Blood in There

Fashionista #1: Oh my God. I am so tired!
Fashionista #2: Me too. Let’s make this quick because I totally want to go home like right now.
Fashionista #1: Okay. You know, I think the key to a successful shopping trip is spending only a couple of hours at each store.
Fashionista #2: Definitely. Anything more just makes my blood sugar get too low, you know? –Macy’s fitting rooms, West 34th Street Overheard by: Lindsay