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The Critics Are Raving About Wednesday One-Liners!

30-something man to girlfriend: I liked it. I mean, it really made me think: if twenty years from now I went in a hot tub and was transported back to today, what would I tell myself to do with my life? –23rd St & 7th Ave Overheard by: drose Dad to teenage children: I wouldn't see Twilight if my life depended on it. If I had to choose, I would choose to die. –Times Square Acting professor: Did you see how Brando picked up her glove? He wanted her to stay. Do you ever do that? Take someone's things just so you know they'll come back? (dead silence) Guess you kids just aren't devious like me… –Tisch School of the Arts Older man to ticket salesman: Are Precious and The Rocky Horror Picture Show a double feature? –Clearview Cinema, Chelsea

Where Are They Now?: Wednesday One-Liners

Old lady to friend: You know who I feel sorry for? Yoko Ono. –Central Park West Female suit on cell: I once gave Carrot Top a massage. –UCB Theater Overheard by: Robert Ghetto girl on cell: I know you ain't no Jay Leno and I don't speak Avatar! –Fort Greene Sober guy to drunk older guy: You know what you look like?? You look like a fucked-up Bobby Brown. –3 Train Woman at outdoor cafe: She's not that bad, she's more Snooki than Fran Drescher. –Brooklyn Overheard by: Rick

Wednesday One-Liners Treat Women and Men the Same

Film student: There's subtext to butt-sex? –School of Visual Arts Girl, to guy: Was your dick *in* my ass? Did we just do anal? –Lower East Side College girl: And my butthole is probably a lot tighter than hers. –LIRR Middle aged suit: I think I'd really enjoy anal because I always take such big craps. –Union Square Overheard by: alib Woman to friend: Did you know the latest teenage fad is butt sex? –177th St & Broadway

When Did New Yorkers Start Staring at Weirdos?

Teen #1: I can't believe you've never seen Rejected. It's all over the internet. You quote it all the time!
Teen #2: I do?
Teen #1: Yeah! “My spoon is too big!”
Random guy several seats away: “My anus is bleeding!”
Teen #1: Yaaaay!
Random guy: Now everyone on the train is staring at me like.Who is that weirdo? Except for you.
Teen #2, a minute later: What did he say about his anus? –1 Train Overheard by: Rose Fox