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…You Dutchbag.

Black guy: And lemme get two Dutches…
Store clerk: (puts them on the counter)
Black guy: And lemme also get that … that female Dutch.
Store clerk: (looks confused)
Black guy: You know, man, that female Dutch. You know what I'm talkin bout, man.
Store clerk, pointing to various items: This one? This one?
Black guy: Nah, man, you know, that female Dutch! For the pussy, man! For the pussy!
Store clerk: (takes down a douche) This one?
Black guy: Yeah, yeah! See? You knew what I was talkin bout!

–130th St & Lenox Ave

Overheard by: Kosi

The Trains Ran One-way in Germany, Too

American girl: Yeah, the subway runs express out of Astoria and local into Astoria. It wouldn’t make sense any other way. See all the people on the train?
German guy: Why would it only run express one way?
American girl: You’re not from here, I don’t expect you to understand. –N train