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Boy Parts and Girl Names: Hot, Hot, Hot!

Girl #1: So, seriously, his name is Meredith? Like “A Boy Named Sue?” Seriously?
Girl #2: Yeah, seriously, it's like that show… The one with, you know, the guy, and that's his name… You know, that show we watched last night.
Girl #1: Yeah, that show, with the hot guys?
Girl #2: Yeah, seriously hot.
Girl #1: Seriously. –6 Train Overheard by: I don't think they were serious

Wednesday-One-Liners Get a Pacific Rim Job

Skinny Asian man to large black woman: You too fat! –4 train Overheard by: LP Cultured concert connoisseur: I think this girl was from California. She spoke Asian and Spanish. –Webster Hall Overheard by: ak Hipster, sitting next to Asian women: Awesome. Asians have tiny asses! –R train, Canal St Overheard by: Matt Hartwick Hipster chick: Asians eat the darndest things. –Lower East Side Overheard by: Lesley Asian fag hag: Of course it doesn’t sound right! I’m a girl doing gay porn! –West Village Overheard by: megan Asian woman suit: I’m really just tired of being a mobster. –Wall St & Nassau Hobo lady to Asian-looking girl: If I speak in your language, will you give me some money? Heeeyyyaaah! Karate chop! –44th St & Lex Overheard by: Made my morning

Wednesday One-Linerbation

Big old lady yelling at MTA employee: Of course they're not coming! They're too busy fucking! Masturbating! Eating donuts! –53rd & Lexington Subway Station Girl to friend: Oh my god, he does things to me that make masturbation seem like bland oatmeal! –14th & 3rd Overheard by: TheOneThatGotAway Teen to friend: Seriously, if I was a guy for a day, all I'd do is piss standing up and masturbate. –Queens Center Food Court Guy on cell: Dude, if I didn't jerk off a couple times a day I'm pretty sure I'd be a serial rapist. –Penn Station Short nerdy businessman to another: I didn't know I was going out with her when I beat off. –15th St & 9th St Overheard by: Spicoli Blond scruffy short man on headset: Do you really think girls would go for that? You think a girl would, for a chance to win $500, watch me masturbate? –R Train

Wednesday One-Liners Support a Woman's Right to Shoes

Dude looking at girl shoes: If I were a chick I'd wear the ugliest shoes, I swear. –5th Ave Woman on phone call with son's teacher: I know he's in the big boy group, but if you see he put his shoes on the wrong feet again, could you just let him know, please? –57th St & Madison Four-year-old girl: My toes are in my shoes! –Bus Overheard by: vcstr Girl, with pride: I can't get laid in this town without these pointy fucking shoes. My feet are so black and blue, and so are you! –F Train Overheard by: Ofelia Hiney Gay guy to friend: Oh, c'mon, at its best, The Wizard of Oz is just a story about two women fighting over a pair of shoes. –Times Square Overheard by: Paul N.

Ta-Tas Prove Nothing in This Neighborhood, Mon Ami

Foreign girl #1 to lesbian entering ladies' room: I'm sorry, this is a ladies' room.
Lesbian: I'm a woman.
Foreign girl #1: Oh my god, I'm so sorry! That's the worst thing I've ever done!
Foreign girl #2, coming out of stall: Wait, no. You're so not a woman!
Lesbian: You wanna see the ta-tas? –Sidewalk Bar, 6th & Ave A

“Don't Hate Me Because I'm Wednesday One-Liner”

Hobo to female passerby (singing): Pretty woman, walking down the street/Pretty woman, eating a hamburger… –Wendy's, Union Square Overheard by: Hungry Bystander Salesgirl to another: You look pretty today…for a little Filipino girl. –American Eagle, SoHo Overheard by: Holly Loud hobo walking through crowded train: Lots of beautiful ladies on this train. Beautiful white ladies. Beautiful black ladies. I like her hat. (turns to one shy-looking girl) Do you wear makeup? You shouldn't. You don't need it, you are so beautiful. If you have any makeup, just throw it away. Or send it to my girl, cuz she is ugly. –Downtown 4 Train 50-something woman to pretty 20-something girl: I just wanted you to know that our husbands over there think you are one of the most beautiful girls they have ever seen. So now our husbands are going to have sex with my friend and I tonight. They may be thinking of you during, but thanks to you I am going to have an orgasm tonight, so thank you for being so gorgeous. –Boat Basin Cafe Overheard by: Megan W. Guy on iPhone: You think because you're pretty you can get away with that shit. Well, you're wrong! You can get away with that shit because you're rich! –Duane Reade, Columbus Ave Overheard by: Veronica at

Wednesday One-Liners Giggle and Snort

Nerdy serious white guy: See, that's what's great about going to Afghanistan. I'm no good at talking to women. –N Train Overheard by: annearchist Nerd walking into archaeology class from noisy hallway: Do you hear the roman legion? –Hunter College Nerdy guy on cell: Yeah, she's an exhibitionist. She needs to be punished, but who's going to do it? –JCPenny Geeky Korean kid outside high school: I'm not really bad. I'm, like, medium-bad. You know, like, bad… But still good. –Flushing, Queens Overheard by: Samantha Nerd to another: Your entire belief system is based on the rotundity of Darth Vader… That is a farce. –Columbia University Overheard by: Nicole