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My Ass is Voting for the President

NYU Girl: I saw her on the subway. She was wearing pink Ugg boots, bright pink stockings, a short skirt and a ton of eyeliner, and then she turns around and I see that she’s got a Bush/Cheney sticker slapped across her ass!
NYU Guy: Well, that’s a moment when you want to ask her Who do you work for, and how much are they paying you to do this? –Broadway & East 9th Street

Maybe It’s Not the Location, Sweethearts

NYU Princess #1: I totally hate New York, there’s nothing to do here.
NYU Princess #2: Totally. It sucks. Want to go to Brooklyn?
NYU Princess #1: Why? What’s there?
NYU Princess #2: Williamsburg? I don’t know, nothing. Probably the same boring shit as here.
NYU Princess #1: Yeah, totally. But different at least.
NYU Princess #2: Yah, totally. –E 12 and 4 Ave Overheard by: Kevin