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Wednesday One-Liners Grow Up Faster in the City

Little girl to woman walking by: Oh, look–another person, sooooo interesting. It's not like we haven't seen enough of those today. –D'Agnostino's, Greenwich & Barrow Overheard by: Margo Boy walking in church to mom: And when we walk in we'll hear Gregorian chants. –Trinity Church Four-year-old boy, after plane's smooth landing: Whoa, that was solid! –JFK Airport Overheard by: jen Kid at birthday party: I thought they were feeding us ice cream, not shit! –McDonald's, Bayside Adorable child having a temper tantrum: I don't want to walk, I want to go in the stroller!
(mother ignores him) I'm melting… I'm meeelllting! –New York Transit Museum Overheard by: NatalyaPetrovna

Portrait of the Life-Coach As a Young Boy

Weary mom with two kids: I'm afraid today is almost too much for mommy.
Toddler: Why?
Weary mom: Because we have to get Sylvia (motions to stroller) home before she falls asleep, and we're pushing our luck.
Toddler: We can do it.
Weary mom, sighing: I admire your spirit.
Toddler: What's “spirit”?
Weary mom: It means your attitude. Your confidence.
Toddler, with renewed energy: We can do it! –Railway Station Platform Overheard by: Rich Mintz

Just Wait 'Til You Have Wednesday One-Liners Of Your Own!

Stroller mom admonishing toddler: Connor! Connor, stop that now. Connor, I'm going to count to three…in French. Un, deux, trois. –Broadway & 93rd St Father, teaching five-year-old son to urinate in the street: Okay, son, now you've gotta shake it. –Fordham Road Mom to seven-year-old daughter, on Yom Kippur: Only you could complicate a bagel purchase. –Absolute Bagels, 108th & Broadway Yuppie mommy to naughty child: Stop it! Stop acting up! Look, this is the reason people don't have kids. –Starbucks Woman to young sons: You see that boy in that other train over there? I'm gonna give him your present if you don't be quiet. –6 Train Father to three rowdy children: You guys are gonna need to calm down, this is gonna be a two hour ride and there is no bar car on this train. Which is unfair to daddies with 3 kids. –Grand Central

Wednesday One-Liners Are Bringin' Sexy Barack

Security guy to suit: Why do you all feel like congratulating me for his win? Just cause I'm black doesn't mean I should be congratulated. Why do you keep doing that? What the fuck did I do? –Rockefeller Center Overheard by: pop pop little boy to father: When are the bad people leaving the White House so Obama can be President? –Grocery Store, 71st & 1st Ave Overheard by: Rena FedEx guy to shipping clerk: Obama's gonna go uptown and say, "that's right, niggas, I'z here!" –W 26th & 6th Ave Angry black woman on cell: Excuse me! Obama is our President now and I won't be calling you "massa" anymore. You understand? –Worth & Broadway Middle-aged black man sitting at bus stop: Not "yo mama," not "Osama," "Obama!" They should paint the White House black. No…that would be irresponsible. Maybe caramel. –125th St & 7th Ave Overheard by: Nicole Hobo: Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please. I want to wish you all a dry, cozy, Obama weekend. Now could you please spare some change for a hungry man? (young black man gives him change) Now that is an Obama voter. (looks around at white people) I will also accept change from McCain voters. –Uptown 1 Train Overheard by: Steph Guy on phone, announcing to the bar: My baby can say "Obama"! –Lucky Jack's, Orchard St Overheard by: Karin

Be a Good Sport, Wednesday One-Liners

Conductor, on loudspeaker: Please note, you heard it here first: I’m watching the Super Bowl only for the commercials. The Giants are going to be so far ahead of… the other team… it’ll be a boring game. We gonna whoop them by at least 15, 20 points. But the commercials are going to be great! –A train Overheard by: love this conductor! Blind hobo to no one: You know why black basketball players are better than white ones? Because Jesus was black, so they’re like Jesus! –1 train Black teen girl, to three teen boys: Super Bowl! Super bowl?! What the hell does that mean, ‘a Super Bowl’? Didn’t you ever think about how stupid that is?! –F train, 4th Ave Overheard by: Theresa Eight-year-old boy: You can’t have a Cowboys game without the cheerleaders. There go half the male ticket holders. –Prospect Park, Brooklyn Guy who is clearly not Eli Manning: What do I do? My name is Eli Manning, and I play for the New York Giants. –Upper West Side Guy randomly wipes out on the sidewalk, flat on his stomach with arms stretched out in front of him. Everyone stares. Nearby cop: Safe! –Outside Penn Station Overheard by: Bananaphone