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Wednesday One-Liners Make Beautiful Music Together

20-something girl: I feel sorta guilty for illegally downloading "We Are the World." What's that Haiti number? I should text them some money to clear my conscience. –LIRR Middle aged guy to female colleague: It's really good and all, but it's only after listening to the lyrics that I got a little worried. I mean all she kept saying was "I want your disease, I want your disease." What is that? –6 Train Overheard by: Kishan FedEx guy: I'm looking for Phil Harmonic. He needs to sign for this. –Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center Plaza Overheard by: Rob Loud Angelina Jolie wannabe watching band: I love this band, their music is like making love… Am I right? –Terminal 5 Overheard by: Dani Cakes Guy with guitar to naive teens: Yeah, music is the only way we can fight our oppressive, totalitarian government. –City College Overheard by: Stephen

The Non-Standard Usage Of Wednesday One-Liners

Guy on cell: There's a lot bruacracy in public social work… –Eastern Parkway & New York Ave Overheard by: jeff Woman on phone: Her mother is a bird. Her whole family is a flock of birds. I cannot even say how ghetto she is. She said, "columinate." I said, what? You mean "a-coom-a-late? –1 Train Preppy on cell: What's your next class? Professional rioting? –Fordham Girl: This class is skewered. There are only three guys and like twenty girls. Damn! –Brooklyn College Overheard by: Phil Guy to girl on train: She's just like "huh, brutha." It's like, embedded in them. They were breaded that way. –7 Train