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Wednesday One-Liners for Kendra

Young lady: Stupid people have more fun! –Chrystie & Housten Overheard by: Probably True… Middle age woman to young woman pushing stroller: Well, this is a stupid place for a stroller! –Times Square Overheard by: Would the street be safer? Oversized hip-hop boyfriend to undersized girlfriend: I'm being stupid for your benefit. –Duane Reade Woman buying ibuprofen: It's not a virus. My mother's got a headache from everyone being stupid. –Inwood Overheard by: Rose Fox Girl smoking on the sidewalk to smoking friend: He's perfect. Except that he's kind of dumb. But he's perfect! –34th St & Madison Ave Overheard by: Katface

Many People Are Simply Incapable Of Political Discussion

Hipster guy, finishing a story: And so I said “suck on that, commie!”
Hipster girl: Wait, what?
Hipster guy: By “commie”, I mean “communist.” And by “suck on that,” I mean my cock.
Hipster girl, disappointed: Oh.
Gay hipster guy: I get it! But, I mean, what about the chafing? –Q Train Overheard by: Alexx