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He Was This Close to Carrying a Goat

Girl #1: I don’t think I can walk anymore.
Guy #1: C’mon, I’ll carry you.
Girl #2: You’re carrying her all the way to 72nd?
Guy #2: Dude, you’re not gonna make it.
Girl #1: It’s okay, you don’t–
Guy #1: It’ll be fine.
Hobo: That place sure has great door prizes. –Tavern on the Green, West 67th Street Overheard by: gibberish

The Audacity Of Wednesday One-Liners

Black guy, cutting in front of line at movie theater: Excuse me, Barack Obama is President now. Thank you. –AMC Movie Theater Overheard by: Emmy Man with hand stuck in bus door to bus driver: We got a black President and you actin' like this? You civil service! –14D Bus Sketching Jamaican hobo: Obama is some kinda skateboard. –Shuttle to Times Square Subway hobo: How come Obama don't have sex with his wife no more? Because every time she opens her legs, he sees bush! –1 Train Man to toddler in his arms: That's Obama. He's gonna save us all from doom! From doom! –University & 12th St

He’s Still Bummed Because of It

Hobo: If anyone messes with you in the office, just take the palm of your hand an shove it into his nose. Once he messes with you he ain’t Jerry from accounting no more; he’s an assailant and the rest of the office will respect and fear you.
Woman: How did your last office job work out? –L train Overheard by: JDS