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Wednesday RU-486-Liners

Guy on cell: That's the good thing about abortions–you can have like three a day. –14th St & 6th Ave Ghetto dude: I told her, I was like "if you get pregnant you best get an abortion, cause I ain't helping you with that shit." I mean, I would help her, but I gotta get that shit in her head. –N Train Overheard by: Jill 30-something woman to boyfriend: There be some muthafuckas up in here who think this shit some form of birth control. I'm woman enough; I gave birth to six kids. I ain't doin' it again. –Abortion Clinic, Queens Crazy guy on subway, preaching: You know why there's 100 million Mexicans in America? Abortion! –W Train

Wednesday One-Liners for Change

Black lady to family in obama t-shirts: You know how all those irish people have pictures of kennedy hanging up in their living rooms? Now we can do that too! –Whole Foods, Columbus Circle Overheard by: Definitely has a JFK picture in her apartment Guy selling obama-themed condoms: Remember the election with every erection! –Times Square Overheard by: Mary Button Black woman with a child in her stroller braiding her hair: There's gona be a lot of braidin in the white house. –1 Train Overheard by: Subway surfer Woman on cell phone: Girl, if I can get to the front of the line at the vma's I can get to the front of the line at the damn inauguration. Shiiiit it's barack obama, girl! –manhattan dental waiting room Overheard by: Catherine Stoned kid to a group of his friends discussing politics: You know what's scary bro? If obama gets assassinated, george bush is gonna be president again. –1 Train @ 2AM going Downtown Black man handing out metro: "get your obama metro! Get your obama metro! See, anyone can be president… I'm next!" –59th Street, Lexington Ave Overheard by: Yes we can!

One-Liners Mean What Wednesdays Say They Mean

Blonde to brunette: So that made it even worser… Worser? More worse? Or is it just worse? Noooo. Worser. Or just worse? No! More worse. Worser? –Downtown 1 Train Overheard by: Rose Fox Agitated young man: I was dramatized by all dat what just happen … dramatized, son. Dramatized. –Hospital, 10th Ave Overheard by: tinyfoo Obese woman pushing stroller: Yo! I told you I don't wanna hear noes, ifs, ants, or buts about it. –Brooklyn Overheard by: john ainley Young French lady: We are gonna weaponised a pumpkin! –French Consulate, Upper East Side Overheard by: James