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Don’t Dare Call It Gerund

Guy #1: Yo man! You look smart…You know what language that is?
Man: English.
Guy #1: Ha, ha! Yo man, I was jus’ playin’ wit you! But for real, you know this one?
Man: Italian.
Guy #2: Whoa.
Guy #1: What about this one?
Man: German…French…Korean…
Guy #1: Dude, that’s sick…that’s genius. What do they call that? Polyner or something?
Man: A polyglot. Polaner is jam. –2 train Overheard by: Mikey

Especially on that Street Corner

Guy: Man it would suck to be homeless. I would just kill someone and go to prison where at least you get a nice warm place to sleep and some food and shit.
Girl: Or you could steal some stuff, that way if you don’t get caught it’s awesome and if you do you get to go to a nice warm prison.
Guy: Yeah, prison in the US is pretty sweet, I’d bet–not like in other countries.
Girl: Except there is a lot of talk about ass-raping. –24th & 9th