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Overheard on the Radio

The creators of this site were just on Air America’s Morning Sedition(listen here). As the producer spoke to Marc Maron about the previous guest, he observed: I think [last place Mayoral candidate] Weiner has a very smart strategy. He’s constantly pointing out that Mayor Bloomberg is a Republican. –Vox Pop, Flatbush

Your Paranoia Doesn’t Mean We Aren’t Listening

Woman: There were a few secret societies. I lived next to one of them. There was one at Cornell. The top two floors of this tower were locked up, and every so often there’d be lights.
Man: There’s a few secret societies in the US. The Masons, they’re really powerful. If you’re a lawyer and the judge is one, you go up and give a sign.
Woman: I don’t want to think the world is run that way. It makes me too paranoid. –N train