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Or… Uhhh… to Make a Social Commentary on the Oppression of African Americans?

Older white woman: Can you tell me where you have the Ku Klux Klan Christmas cards?
Young Hispanic clerk: Excuse me?
Older white woman: A friend of mine told me he saw KKK Christmas cards somewhere, and I’m trying to find them. I know it doesn’t sound too nice, but I think he’s just going to use them to make a black joke or something. –Hallmark Overheard by: Black woman trying to maintain her cool

Wednesday One-Liners: Now in Color!

Asian schoolgirl to friend: So he says "you're a racist," and I'm like, "I can't be a racist, I'm a race!" –Ridgewood, Queens Overheard by: Squidocto Fair-skinned Italian Long Island woman: So they both took a paper bag test, and passed. –Barnes & Noble Cafe Overheard by: a.j.w. Yuppie Indian woman: In *my* culture, I'm not black. –Flatbush Ave Overheard by: mojbe Ridiculously loud girl employee: Bobby! What's your ethnicity? –NYU Overheard by: …not the only shocked observer Eight-year old black kid to 20-something babysitter, about younger brother: He likes black girls, but I like white girls! –Outside Delancey Station

The Final Solution to Wednesday One-Liners

College girl to friend: So I was looking through all my pictures… You know, all my pictures of Nazis. –Central Park Overheard by: ruegah NYU film student to another, looking at picture of French actor Benoit Magimel: He's hot in that Hitler Youth kind of way. –NYU Tisch Building Guy to friend: Killing zombies is the new killing Nazis. –1 Train Overheard by: Preston Random hipster: Sometimes I think Hitler was right. –Music Hall of Williamsburg Borders employee: I'm sorry, ma'am, we do have books about Hitler, but they're all for children. –Borders

But at Least They're Not All Alcoholics, Like the Native Americans.

Queer: I hate Mexicans, first they jump our borders, then they don't even attempt to speak English.
Tan chick: Fo' reals! I've met some that have been here their entire lives and never bothered to learn English.
Crazy man: Oh my god! Why do you have to be so goddam racist all the time!?
Tan chick: What? I was just making a point, goddammit, I am Mexican!
(five minutes later)
Black lady: Yo! D'shaun! Get yo' ass over here nigga!
Crazy man: I hate black people! They're so goddamn loud, they need to shut up! –L Train Overheard by: shocked