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How Do You Keep That Slim, Malnourished Figure?

Female suit #1: So, we have time before the next meeting; should we talk over lunch?
Female suit #2: Sure, you’re the food maven — you pick.
Female suit #1: Any suggestions?
Female suit #2: I don’t eat much. Just coffee and yogurt.
Female suit #1: You only eat coffee and yogurt?
Female suit #2: Yeah….Oh, sometimes i eat sushi.
Female suit #1: Oh! Let’s do sushi!
Female suit #2: Perfect! I love sushi! –MTV buidling, Times Square

The Mysterious Fratboy Mating Dance

Guy #1: I think I’d come in third.
Guy #2: Why third? Why not first or second?
Guy #1: I don’t know, I probably don’t have the biggest, but it isn’t the smallest either, so I figured third.
Guy #3: Wait, then whose dick do you think is the smallest?
Guy #1: I don’t fucking know! I just don’t think I have the smallest, so I’m sure I beat one of you motherfuckers.
Guy #4: Dude, sounds like you got a small dick. –24th & Lexington Overheard by: paul10003