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The Trailers Will Go Down in History

Journalism professor: Can anyone, for extra credit, give me two words to describe this day that will go down in history? Silence Professor: I’ll give you a clue — it has to do with President Bush.
Random student: “Mission accomplished!”
Girl #1 to her friend: Mission Impossible? What does Tom Cruise have to do with Bush?
Girl #2: Yeah, I know, that movie isn’t even out yet! –Silver Center, NYU

They Have to Work Harder to Screw You During the Summer

Female student: Do you guys have any empty boxes that I could possibly have?
Clerk: No, I’m sorry.
Female student: What about all of those empty boxes over there?
Clerk: We sell boxes, so we’re not allowed to give out boxes for free.
Female student: Okay. How much are the boxes you’re selling?
Clerk: Actually, we’re sold out.
Female student: Okay, if you don’t have any more boxes for sale, can I have some of those empty boxes over there?
Clerk: No. –Columbia University Bookstore, 115th & Broadway Overheard by: djlindee

And They Make Good Snacks

Lady: Excuse me, can I borrow a light?
Tanktop girl: Sure.
Lady: Thank you so much. [Turns and whispers to guy she’s with:] See, I told you. I think if you’re nice to them, they’re nice to you.
Tanktop girl: Tourists are so cute. –Outside Welcome to the Johnsons, Rivington & Norfolk Overheard by: djlindee