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A New York Moment

A woman has a chihuahua in her purse. An old man enters the train. Old man: Cute dog. Do you take him everywhere?
Woman: Uh huh. We saw Spider-man yesterday.
Old man: You saw Spider-man yesterday?
Woman: Yeah.
Old man: How did you like it?
Woman: Oh, you know. It is what it is.
Old man: Not that great, huh? Ha, ha. Well, take care. The man leaves the train. The woman looks down at her dog. Woman: That was weird. –V Train

Yes, The Janitors are Our Future

Yuppie #1: It’s just like in that movie, Good Will Hunting.
Yuppie #2: I never saw that.
Yuppie #1: What?! Dude, that movie’s like the voice of our generation!
Yuppie #2: Whatever. –Northeast entrance to Madison Square Park Contrubuted by: Scott Nybakken