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Which Would Solve Just about Zero Percent of Your Problem, Sir

White student: I can’t believe you guys gave my ID to another person!
Security guard: Yeah, I’m really sorry. I wish there was a better system for doing this.
White student: Yeah, they should have all the Asian kids in a separate directory, because they all have the same last names. –23rd & Lex Overheard by: Darren Montalbano

Dude, You Just Killed Rosa Parks

White chick: Excuse me sir, are these your bags?
Hispanic man: Yeah.
White chick: Do you mind if I sit here? He moves his bags to another seat. Hispanic man: Fucking white bitches! Making me move my bags! Fucking white bitches…sure bitch, sit down. There you go. A few minutes later. White dude: Excuse me, sir, are those your bags?
Hispanic man: Yeah.
White dude: Do you mind moving them, please?
Hispanic man: Sure, Cracker Jack cracker, I’ll move my bags so your white ass can sit. –M14 bus