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Nigga, Please!

White guy #1: What’s she look like?
White guy #2: She’s really hot, she’s black.
White guy #1: You mean African-American.
White guy #2: No, I don’t.
White guy #1: But you said she’s black.
White guy #2: Right, she’s Sicilian. She’s neither African nor American.
White guy #1: Well, her family must have come from Africa at some point.
White guy #2: Yeah, like 1000 years ago.
White guy #1: Ok, then she’s African. –39th & 3rd

She’s Just Trying to Live up to Being an ‘Ashley’

Black teen girl #1: Ashley is pissing me off. Do you know what she wants me to do this weekend?
Black teen girl #2: No, what?
Black teen girl #1: Pick apples!
Black teen girl #2: Is she white?
Black teen girl #1: No, that’s what pisses me off, she’s black!
Black teen girl #2: Shit, I don’t know about apple picking, but this weekend, I’m gonna do some jerk chicken pickin’!

–A train to Manhattan

Overheard by: Johnny Appleseed

Or More Accurately, Wanted You to Fit in Me

Teen girl: Hi. Yes, hi. Excuse me. I know you don’t know me but, what background are you from?
Teen boy: Ummm, why do you ask?
Teen girl: You look like an interesting mix and I really really want to know.
Teen boy: Ummm. Actually, I don’t know.
Teen girl: You don’t know? How come?
Teen boy: I was adopted.
Teen girl: Really? Wow! I don’t know my real parents either! Ok, ok. That’s not true. I just wanted to fit in.

–F train