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Build a Relationship with Wednesday One-liners

Woman: Every time I date Greek men I get fat…Every single time! –South Cove, Battery Park City Guy on cell: I know man, sometimes I wish you were her husband instead of me. –Starbucks, Union Square West Overheard by: alison Chick on cell: …so I said, “Stop calling me. It was a one night stand.” –F train Black queer: So who is this guy, anyway? Has anybody even met this guy you say you’re dating? Or is he like that “Bob” guy you put in your car so you can drive in the H.O.V. lane? –Times Square Guy: She has…two one-eyed cats. She’s never getting engaged. –Madison Square Park

Parenthood: The Domain of the Privileged Few

Gen X Girl on cell: …yeah, totally. It’s like, last night, I had sex with this guy and the condom broke. And like I’m ovulating. And I like totally can’t remember this guy’s name. Whatever. –M31 bus Son: I’m really glad you’re drinking again, you know…just not so much. –Mon Petit Cafe, UES