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With the Pink Hair Standing Straight Up and All

Saleslady #1: You look like one of those dolls. I forget what they're called.
Saleslady #2: A doll? Oh, like a Barbie?
Saleslady #1: Nah, not a Barbie. I forget what these dolls are called. They're kinda short…
Saleslady #2: Kinda short? A Bratz doll?
Saleslady #1: No… Ummm… No, not a Bratz doll… Oh yeah, they're called Trolls. You look like a Troll.

–Old Navy

Overheard by: MG

Frankly, I Only Talk to You Because You Pay Me

Woman in therapy: So I don't know, I really liked her.
Therapist: Well, did you talk to her about it?
Woman: No, the bitch doesn't call me anymore, she does yoga now. We used to go to Star Trek conventions together, but she stopped talking to me. I don't even care about that bitch anymore.
Therapist: You know, she's not a bitch just because she doesn't want to talk to you!
Woman: Yes she is, I don't even care.

–Forest Hills

Overheard by: They need a sound machine

Wednesday One-Liners, Approximately

Woman: Well, I still remember that 5,820 feet is a mile, 36 feet is a yard…

–Grand Central Station

Overheard by: People are wrong.

Girl, looking at guy: If I give you five dollars, will you grow a foot long?

–6 Train

Overheard by: Jeggy

5th-grader to table full of friends: Attention everyone. I have finally reached five feet!

–Cafeteria, Private School

Overheard by: Maddy

Guy on cell: Holy shit! Hello Kitty is taller than me!

–Times Square

Chubby 20-something guy, feeding chips to chubby 20-something girlfriend while making airplane and spaceship noises: The exhaust port is only two meters wide!

–1 Train