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He Also Eats More Than They Do

PR girl #1: I love your outfit today!
PR girl #2: You know, I was walking down the street, and this homeless man in a box told me that “Purple is the color of royalty.”
PR girl #1: Don’t joke about that. I could be joining him, if my apartment doesn’t come through.
PR girl #2: At least he lives in Manhattan. –Office, 53rd & Broadway Overheard by: Roger Resnicoff

When We Just Tag Her as “Girl”, Hobos Get Confused

A hobo picked out two girls on line and started insulting them. When the police came to get him he started again. Hobo: See this is what the White Man does! They’ve gotta protect these little Jewish girls from Long Island, don’t give a shit about proud Black men like me.
Girl: I’m Puerto Rican and from Brooklyn. He attempts to high five her as the cops escort him away. Hobo: Right on, sister! –19th & Broadway