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…So I'll Ask Their Names First.

Preppy white girl, about friend's shirt: I wanna party like a rock star!
Punk guy friend: So you want to play a show, shoot up heroin, fuck a stranger, then do it all again in another state the next night?
Preppy white girl: I don't wanna fuck strangers! –Queensboro Plaza Overheard by: diex-romantic

Hey, Mind If I Take Your Wallet?

Emaciated goth/punk guy: Hey, do you know where a CVS is?
Passerby suit: I don't know what that is…
Passerby preppy girl: Are you looking for a CVS?
Emaciated goth/punk guy: Yes!
Preppy girl: Well, there's a Duane Reade right there, it's like, the same thing.
Emaciated goth/punk guy, matter-of-factly: I know, it's just impossible to steal from Duane Reade.
Preppy girl: Oh.
Emaciated goth/punk guy: I'm really poor.
Preppy girl: Okay.
Emaciated goth/punk guy, cheerful: Thanks anyway!
Preppy girl, also cheerful: You're welcome! –Columbus Circle Overheard by: Hannah

Not Another Teen Wednesday One-Liner

Teen in sideways cap: I touched it, but I didn't like it. –Uptown A Train Overheard by: Ladle Student: Dude, I think I'm dyslexic with stairs. –Stuyvesant High School Teen, seriously: No… Webkinz are definitely a lot more high-maintenance then neopets. –Downtown 6 Train Teenage boy: I want to be a Senator or something like that. Like, the Government is the best place to have sex. –Bard High School, Queens Overheard by: Sunny Punk teen to friends: Even though it seemed like she was into things, now she's not into anything. –Union Square Overheard by: i don't like stuff either

Anatomically-Correct Wednesday One-Liners

Serious guy to another: See these hands? These are my bread and butter! –Brooklyn Bridge Overheard by: Hi-D Well-dressed 25-year-old on phone: Yes. (pause) Please spare me the placenta. (pause) Okay, well, as long as it's clean. –Key Foods Woman on cell: So, she doesn't think her body is going to be ready by then? –32nd & Park Ave Overheard by: Publius Man on cell: I wish I could just take my legs off. That would be so much easier. –45th St & Ave of the Americas Loud chick: Yeah, I'm still taking French classes. Last week we did commands, and this week we're learning, like, body parts. –Hudson St Overheard by: Harriet Vane 20-something girl on cell: But I have several heads… –Metro-North Rail Three-year-old boy to punk girl in black fishnets, as he pokes though holes: Um… why is your legs trapped? –Thompkins Square Park