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Killing Me Softly with His Wednesday One-Liner

Excited man on cell: Hey! Did you hear who died? Amanda's pretend husband died!

–N Train

Overheard by: Tophs

20-something woman to friend: Well, I wanna kill her and she wants to kill me, 'cause I took her husband.

–R Train

Overheard by: Tara

20-something hipster girl: I am a nihilist! Watch me die.

–Waverly & Mercer

Asian guy to white girl: All children are born evil. If they had the strength of an adult during childhood, they would kill someone just to get a lollipop.

–Queens College

Woman on cell: Okay! I get it. She's not a good person. Just kill her.

–Canal St & Laffaette St

Overheard by: Kay

Conductor: You're all gonna die! I'm your worst nightmare! Ahahahaha!

–C Train

Overheard by: P-Diddy

Wednesday One-Liners Live on a Steady Diet of Government Cheese

Guy: I'm tellin' you, man. America loves cheese. No, seriously, dude. America loves cheese!

–Ace's, 5th St & Ave B

Cute 20-something guy singing while playing soccer: Bottles of cheese, bottles of cheeeeeeeeese…

–Prospect Park

Overheard by: i'd like a bottle of cheese

Girl: I'd rather have a turkey sandwich with cum on it than cheese.

–Times Square

Overheard by: Lindsay

Distressed female student: She's such a hard grader! She's like…a cheese grater.

–Queens College

Five-year old boy: But mummy, I want goat cheese on my french fries!

–St. Regis Hotel

Overheard by: Nonok

Another Teen Emergency. Call the Ambivalence.

Girl: I was like, “High school is over. I can’t wait to get away from everyone!” And then, thanks to you, I actually realized that I might miss some people. You, James*, Gabrielle*, Dave V.*, Karen G.*!
Guy: But all of us except James are going to St. John’s, and he’s coming here to Queens.
Girl: But Gabrielle is going to Jersey! Everyone knows that once you go to Jersey, your soul dies.

–Queens College campus

Overheard by: Peter G.