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Huh. Still Smells Like Oysters.

Girl #1: So, now I’m going to need a new roommate, I think.
Girl #2: Wait… Let me get this straight — you walk in, she’s on the bed, nude, rolling around on a bunch of pearls?
Girl #1: Yeah. Our jewelry had just arrived from ShangBy, and I guess she got excited… Want a pearl necklace? –58th & 5th

He’s a Dick Wolf Fanatic

Tour guide: The school campus has been in many film and television productions, including The Good Shepherd, Law and Order, and most notably the classic Debbie Does Dallas.
Big Midwestern dad: I thought I recognized that library! –Pratt Institute, Brooklyn Overheard by: PrattStudent09

Wednesday One-Liners Will Fuck You Up, Son

Thug: I’m a super duper human being! I’m a super duper human being! I’m a super duper human being! –Queens-bound F train Overheard by: sunburned like a bitch Teen Latino thug to friend: Yo, there be some mad hot wizards up in this bitch! Or should I say, ‘wizard-ettes.’ —Harry Potter screening, Loews, 34th St Thug: … And he was there, with his cane and beard, lookin’ all Gandalf and shit. –86th & Lex Overheard by: Catherine Teen thug: She is extra violent! She got UV rays! –W 4th St platform Overheard by: Emily B. Thugette leaning against mail truck: Yeah, I’s the post bitch. –Church St